On Monday, February 8, 2010, the Olympic Torch passed through Langley Township on its way to BC Place in Vancouver, the site of the 2010 Winter Olympics opening ceremony. Being in the presence of a flame that had traveled halfway around the world on its way to Vancouver was an unbelievable experience as you can see in this video I shot.


Along with the festivities that rolled into town cam some great plate-spotting opportunities. The official torch relay vehicles were decked out with personalized British Columbia plates featuring either RELAY, FLAME or TORCH along with a single digit number. Many of the accompanying sponsor vehicles (such as those from RBC, and HBC) had standard Ontario, Alberta and even a few Quebec plates. Most of the Coca-Cola vehicles were outfitted with standard Georgia plates (their world headquarters are in Atlanta, GA). Below are some pictures of the torch relay plates and vehicles as well as a video of the relay making its way south on 200th Street towards Langley City and beyond.




When ICBC announced the Olympic optional plates in 2007 there were no plans on making sample plates available to the public. But at the 2014 ALPCA National Convention in Rochester, New York, ICBC had donated this sample plate to the auction portion of the convention. Since we were a long ways from BC there was not a lot of interest in the plate and I was able to win it for a very reasonable price given the rarity of the plate! Below are photos of the auction board in Rochester, the back of the plate and the plate next to a giant promotional version used at ICBC driver licensing offices.


Below are more pictures from around Vancouver and from some of the events we've attended. We were lucky to have attended 3 preliminary men's hockey games and a preliminary curling draw as well as the women's gold medal hockey game and the women's bobsled final in Whistler!


'With Glowing Hearts': The theme of the 2010 games Team Finland pre-game warmup Team Finland with Team Germany in the background Canada Hockey Place Centre Ice
Flags hanging in the rafters at CHP In front of the Vancity building Countdown to Sochi 2014 BC Place and Canada Hockey Place My siblings and I
The Olympic Cauldron International Broadcast Centre Bagpipers at Vancouver Olympic Centre Curling at VOC My wife Selena and I

The Olympic Cauldron at night Team Sweden pre-game warmup with Henrik Lundqvist of the New York Rangers Daniel Sedin of the Vancouver Canucks Henrik Sedin of the Vancouver Canucks

Dave Hollins and I at the Finland vs Germany game February 19th