In 1990, I got a postcard from my aunt who was vacationing in Hawaii with some friends. It was pretty standard other than the very last line: I bought you a real Hawaiian license plate. As a 9 year old, I was interested in transportation and cars but this was something completely different. It almost seemed random at the time.


Over the next few years, I came across a few BC plates; one from our next-door neighbour, one from a friend's dad and one I found in some bushes near our house. In the late 90's, I decided to put up the few plates I had amongst the many hockey pictures and posters that adorned my room. My mom was never a big fan of the plates. When we moved in 2003, I had put up the then 16 plates I had in two neat columns of eight plates (shown on the left). After returning from a weekend camping trip, I found the plates had been put in my closet and the holes filled in. Message received, loud and clear!


In 2005, I moved out on my own with my fiancée Selena. We had a spare room for the computer, freezer and all of my hockey pictures. After coming across the plates my mom had put away, I decided to put them back up. Knowing nothing about collecting plates or where to get them, I checked out eBay. A plate from every province and state was the goal along with a BC plate from every year. Along the way, I had help from some of the eBay members I had bought plates from. Adriaan Bergink, an ALPCA member, had told me about the club and I joined that fall. Neale Hankins also helped me with a lot of the first BC plates I obtained (some of which can be seen in this picture from 2007).


Since moving into our new townhouse in the Spring of 2008, my collection has been growing steadily. With the move, my plates were relocated to our double garage. Most of the wall space is covered with plates and a few street and highway signs. Currently I'm working on updating my BC passenger plates with the dream of getting my hands on the elusive 1915-17 tin plates. I've recently started collecting international plates, especially the current Euro-band style plates. I'm also working on birth year runs of US and Canadian plates for myself (January 1981) and my daughter (March 2009).

Below are a few other shots of my plates......


The plates shown on this site are all from my personal collection and are shown as-is. Most photos have been taken by myself with the exception of the ones with me in it (obviously). All images on this site are the property of Jeff Banerd and unauthorized use of any content or images within this site is prohibited. If you would like to use an image from this site, please email me at plates [at] jeffsplates [dot] ca.